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MLA Conversations Episode 49 - Shared screen with speaker view
Monica McAbee (she/her)
yay, library symbol!
Carrie Willson
Julie Parsons (HCPL)
the Polaris migration was a total game changer for the shore!
Mallory Duff CARR
Does ESRL maintain a collection of library reference material, like those published by ALA? I know I have been able to obtain copies of books through Marina and they come from ESRL. Where is that collection stored?
do you see in the future libraries wanting more autonomy or do they seem happy with the relationship with regional libraries?
Carrie Willson
So glad Joe remembered that great comment about a shared catalog adding floors to the library
Carrie Willson
Exactly right, Elizabeth. We have autonomy and support. Love having a regional
Carrie Willson
John V sent me to my first MLA conference with Regional money. The rest is history for me
Monica McAbee (she/her)
I second everything you're all saying about the value of MLA for leadership experience
Joe Farmarco
For all the regionals......I've been working with the Children's Services Division of MLA for 5 or 6 years now and we often do not see participation from regionals (apart from St. Mary's County) that we would like. I wonder what could be the issues impacting this? Budget? Distance/travel? Staffing?
Joe Farmarco
What suggestions would you have to help? I just don't want any counties to feel left out?
Julie Parsons (HCPL)
From someone who has worked in two counties that were under the regional umbrella (ESRL specifically) I just want to say thank you for all that you do to support the counties!! Especially the small counties that don't have IT support. Also the material delivery is crucial and such a great service
Joe Farmarco
I do want to say that we have had new degrees of success with the Black-Eyed Susan Tapestry via Zoom.
Monica McAbee (she/her)
I learned today that there was a Central regional association for a while! I had not known that.
Joe Thompson
Next Friday, join us for a conversation with Cyndee Landrum, Deputy Director, Office of Library Services, Institute of Museum and Library Services. Cyndee was appointed to this position in June 2019. We will learn about her work at IMLS, including overseeing the agency's largest program, Grants to States, which is the primary source of federal funding for library services in the United States. Register for free at https://forms.gle/Dk9BzwEuvPRvDvHH6
Irene Padilla
Thanks John, Elizabeth and Ashley! Great job!
Mallory Duff CARR
Thank you, very informative! Always good to learn more about how the libraries throughout the state work together.
Jodi Hoover
Thank you!